Monday, February 19, 2007

Victoria Residential Development Projects - Rev A

I've made an attempt at compiling a list of approved residential projects for Greater Victoria. I have not included proposed developments, retirement communities, hotels, or commercial properties. I've taken information from the developers' websites and Vibrant Victoria (VV).

Please do let me know if any information that I've posted is incorrect or if you are aware of any changes in these developments. My disclaimer is that I'm sure that I'll have some errors in my numbers - but that's ok, because I believe this list gives a bigger picture perspective of development in Victoria. I think that so often we are inundated by the latest and greatest project, that we forget what else is all already in progress.

Due to obvious gaps in my chart, I'm not putting a large emphasis on my calculated totals for quantity of units and number of units sold. Perhaps in the future, when most or all gaps are filled, total numbers will be validated.

Total Units = 4011
Total Sold = 447

Again, especially with the total units sold, this number is not accurate. I wish that I could give an accurate number, but I am not privy to the number of units sold in a development. Total units will be relatively accurate. For comparisons sake, VHB's calculation of total approved units in Downtown Vancouver is 9868 (2007 - 2009 completed and under construction). Can a comparison be made? Perhaps. What is the population of downtown Vancouver? How do demographics compare? What is the benefit of a comparison anyways? It may show if one city if more ridiculously oversupplied. Or not.

Victoria Residential Development Projects
Bayview Phase IVictoria101?2008?WVV
Bayview Phase IIVictoria??2008?WVV
Bayview Phase IIIVictoria101?2008?WVV
Synergy - Dockside GreenVictoria100?2008?-VV
Balance - Dockside GreenVictoria100?2009?WVV
AriaVictoria212?2007490 - 525WVV
Mayfair WalkVictoria30182007?250 - 430W-
OswegoVictoria80?2007434 - 571WVV
Parkside VictoriaVictoria400?2008?WVV
Redstone TownhomesVictoria9?2007531 - 595W-
The BreakwaterVictoria1922007?370 - 510W-
The FallsVictoria155?2009?WVV
The PalladianVictoria2952007?350 - 522W-
The Pearl on HillsideVictoria26152007?341 - 367W-
The Gateway at The RailyardsVictoria62232007?383 - 502W-
The ChelseaVictoria66?2008?545 - 850W-
The AdriaVictoria21?2006441 - 481W-
The Harriet GardensVictoria24182007?315 - 334W-
Cherry Bank Hotel CondosVictoria51?2008??--
Admirals LandingEsquimalt4012007?348 - 478--
Swallow’s LandingEsquimalt110?2007535 - ?WVV
The Greenside at Gorge ValeEsquimalt36362007?360W-
The Ironwood at Gorge Vale Phase 4Esquimalt8?2007?364W-
Carey Hill WalkSaanich38222007322 - 412W-
AmaraSaanich36262007380 - 400W-
Oak Street VillageSaanich37?2008?360W-
Richmond GateSaanich54?2007?440 - 490W-
The JuliaSaanich30?2007372 - 420W-
Tuscany VillageSaanich91?2007?W-
Sayward HillSaanich34152007?384 - 645W-
Carriage PointCentral Saanich26?2007?369W-
Holly Farm TownhomesCentral Saanich15?2007??W-
The PierSidney70?2007581 - 618WVV
The AspenView Royal75?2008?340 - 400W-
Royal Roads PlaceColwood163?2009?-VV
Wale Road TowerColwood??2009?-VV
Lagoon EstatesColwood585?2009??WVV
Copperwood CondosColwood50?2008??W-
Latoria WalkColwood??2008??W-
Soaring PeaksLangford201?2009?WVV
McConnell PlaceLangford46?2007?312 - 357W-
The ConductorLangford??2008?WVV
The HighlanderLangford203?2008?WVV
The StrathmoreLangford4542008?263 - 348W-
The Deville Phase IIILangford8?2007?200 - 299W-
Jacklin / Sooke Road TowerLangford??2009??-VV
Hannington Road / Troon Ct TowerLangford??2009??-VV