Saturday, March 3, 2007

March 3 Week Ending Stats

Another week has flown by. On a side note, I've really enjoyed the commentary that everyone has contributed lately. I wish I could be adding to it, but as we all know, this over-rated thing called work sure can be a hog for time.

Before getting to this week's numbers, I want to quickly post the graph for SFH median prices for Victoria and the Greater Victoria Region (CRD). Last year was more-or-less a sideways move. So far this year, it's been a surprising up-tick from last year at this time. The medians for February were near or above all-time highs. Ouch.

Listings for three bed SFH increased this past week to levels comparable to early December. Two bed condos and three bed townhomes listings were flat for the week.

Inventory of SFH with an asking price of less than $300000 is at the lowest level since early October, when I started tracking this statistic. Inventory of SFH with an asking price higher than $700000 is at levels last seen mid-November. High priced homes continue to be a larger percentage of homes available on the market.

What is the rental situation in Victoria today? When my wife and I were looking last fall, it was difficult to get into a good place. Lots of renters, not much available. Today, briefly looking at Craigslist, it appears that there are a lot of apartments / suites available. Is it easier to find a place in spring than fall?