Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacation Free-for-all

The great thing about this blog is that even when I'm not available to write a new post, it creates a life of it's own! Thanks for all the commentary and interesting discussions!

I'm still enjoying summer vacation. Spent a little time in Seattle, rode the Space Needle (might it prick their bubble?) The parents are out from the prairies for the next week. In showing them the sights, it'll be good to be a bit of a tourist in my new home town.

Here's a couple notes or points of discussion:

- A lot of listings are absolutely languishing on MLS.
- Yet, homes are selling. Co-worker sold his house in Broadmead for near asking price in 3 days!
- Alberta real estate inventory is climbing like crazy.
- CMHC newsletter points out that housing starts this year are still above last year. Most of the June starts were in Langford.
- Interest rates have risen and will continue to rise. How will this affect yourself and / or your family / friends?

Have a great week!

Update - BC Real Estate Association news release for sales numbers for year to date. (Hat tip to S2)