Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holding their breath

I have a quick question (or two).

These days, how long can a developer hold on to the hope of selling their condo units for nearly the full price after a project has been completed?

How long is it, after a building is completed, yet not sold out, until a developer has a fire sale?

Here's a partial list of developments in Victoria that are completed, or near, and still have units for sale - Bayview, Chelsea, Dockside Green, Aria, Juliet, Redstone, Breakwater, Palladian, Pearl, Vicino, Gateway, Aspen, Tuscany, Centennial Walk, Richmond Gate, Julia, Madrona Creek, Carriage Pointe, Finlayson Reach, Reflections, Stonehaven, Goldstream Station, Strathmore, Tara, La Vie, and I've probably missed some.