Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Victoria Residential Development Projects - Rev B

Here's another go at the current, recent past, and approved future condo and townhome projects in Greater Victoria. I think I may have included one or two SFH developments - feel free to let me know and I'll remove it.

Total number of units - 5187. That's some serious inventory. My count of the number sold is 984. Don't put much stock in that number. As you can see, there are a lot of question marks throughout the table.

My thoughts - the developers are still on full throttle, straight ahead! Are they right about the future of Victoria's housing market? They are vesting a LOT of financal resources. These are smart people, they know what is happening in the US, yet they must feel that things will be different here. I don't know. Seeing the developers propose more and more, it makes me question my stance. However, when I look at the numbers, the inventory, the quantity of units sold, I think they must be crazy. Maybe they aren't. The next couple years will be very interesting. Enjoy!

Victoria Residential Development Projects
Bayview Phase IVictoria101?2008?WVV
Bayview Phase IIVictoria??2008?WVV
Bayview Phase IIIVictoria??2008?WVV
Synergy - Dockside GreenVictoria100?2008?-VV
Balance - Dockside GreenVictoria100?2009?WVV
AriaVictoria212?2007490- 525WVV
Mayfair WalkVictoria30262007250- 430W-
OswegoVictoria80?2007434- 571WVV
Parkside VictoriaVictoria400?2008?WVV
Redstone TownhomesVictoria912007501- 620W-
The BreakwaterVictoria1952007?379- 510W-
The FallsVictoria155?2009578 -?WVV
The PalladianVictoria2952007350- 522W-
The Gateway at The RailyardsVictoria62232007?383- 502W-
The ChelseaVictoria66222008?545- 850W-
The AdriaVictoria21?2006441- 481W-
The Harriet GardensVictoria24242007315- 334W-
Cherry Bank Hotel CondosVictoria51?2008?--
The Leiser BuildingVictoria????W-
Vogue LoftsVictoria2222??W-
The SoHoVictoria1582007363- 446W-
The Hudson Tower IVictoria178?2010?WVV
The Hudson Tower IIVictoria129?2012?WVV
The Hudson Tower IIIVictoria85?2013?WVV
Radius ResidentialVictoria118?2009?WVV
Oak Bay Beach HotelOak Bay??2009?W-
Admirals LandingEsquimalt4052007?348- 478W -
Swallow’s LandingEsquimalt110?2007535 - ?WVV
The Greenside at Gorge ValeEsquimalt36362007?360W-
The Ironwood at Gorge Vale Phase 4Esquimalt872007?364W-
The AnchorageEsquimalt41??380- 621W-
Carey Hill WalkSaanich38242007322- 412W-
AmaraSaanich36332007380- 400W-
Oak Street VillageSaanich3792008?290- 473W-
Richmond GateSaanich54362007?343- 490W-
The JuliaSaanich30?2007372- 420W-
Tuscany VillageSaanich91512007430- 484W-
Sayward HillSaanich34202007?384- 645W-
Laval LaneSaanich????W-
Viewmont HeightsSaanich4619?308- 466W-
Cedar LaneSaanich????W-
Centennial WalkSaanich??2008?W-
Carriage PointCentral Saanich26?2007?369W-
Holly Farm TownhomesCentral Saanich15102007??W-
4570 Elk Lake DriveCentral Saanich47???--
The PierNorth Saanich70?2007581- 618WVV
Pacific Place CondosNorth Saanich10???W-
The MeadowsNorth Saanich59???W-
Harbour LandingNorth Saanich5??575- 725W-
The AspenView Royal75?2008?340- 400W-
South Valley Estates TownhomesView Royal192?250W-
Royal Roads PlaceColwood163?2009?-VV
Wale Road TowerColwood??2009?-VV
Aquattro Tower IColwood????WVV
Aquattro Tower IIColwood????WVV
Aquattro Tower IIIColwood????WVV
Copperwood CondosColwood50202008??W-
Latoria WalkColwood??2008??W-
Madrona CreekColwood????W-
The Lookout at Royal BayColwood30???W-
Hatley RidgeColwood12??212- 262W-
Soaring PeaksLangford201?2009?WVV
McConnell PlaceLangford46?2007312- 357W-
ReflectionsLangford114552008366- 442WVV
The ConductorLangford??2008?WVV
The HighlanderLangford203?2008?WVV
The StrathmoreLangford45182008263- 348W-
The Deville Phase IIILangford882007200- 299W-
Jacklin / Sooke Road TowerLangford??2009??-VV
Finlayson ReachLangford144???W-
St. Andrew’s WalkLangford135135??W-
Tara on DevilleLangford????W-
Casa Bella TownhomesLangford214?214- 251W-
The Way TownhomesLangford20??234--