Thursday, May 1, 2008

April Sales Numbers

I see that discussion has already started on April's sales numbers, as published by the VREB. Listings are up, sales numbers are down. I think that the average sales price for this past month is a moot point. As long as inventory rises and quantity of sales decreases, we move into, if we aren't already there, a buyer's market. Prices then start to decrease. Sellers are still holding out at this point because they see their neighbour sell their house for near asking price, yet they don't see the five other neighbours that aren't selling their homes.

What I don't understand is this - I see sales prices via a realtor's PCS. Why are people buying homes for the asking price? If you are in the market for buying - start lowballing!!!

I'm also quite surprised at the number of $1+ million sales. I thought that the smart money was those who had money. Obviously not.

Anyways, here are my charts. More to follow.