Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Early June Sales Numbers

Of course, June sales numbers won't be out until tomorrow at the earliest. So here are my SFH sales estimates. Average price should be close to $600000, probably between $590k and $600k. June 2009 average will be higher than June 2008. Median looks to be around $535000. Total SFH sold in June will be slightly lower than May. I'd estimate that total VREB sales for June will also be a little lower than May, but higher than June 2008. It's a wide range, but sales should be between 750 and 850 for June. Inventory has also dropped - last night I recorded 4126 properties for sale, as per this realtor's website. This morning they show 3911 properties for sale. Inventory is significantly lower this June than June 2008.

We've put an offer on a house. They countered, we countered, they countered, and we couldn't agree on a price. We were disappointed, but in hindsight, I firmly believe it was a blessing in disguise. The search continues....