Saturday, February 17, 2007

February 17 Week Ending Stats

According to, listings in Greater Victoria have risen slightly this week over the past couple weeks. Two bedroom condo listings have risen from a low dip two weeks ago. Three bedroom SFH and townhomes have risen minimally this week.

The quantity of single family homes with a listing value higher than $700000 continues to rise. From a low of 221 listings in the first week of 2007, there are now 264 listings for SFH higher than $700k. Number of listings in other price categories have risen to a lesser extent. The smallest rise has been in the $400k - $500k range. There are only 9 more listings in this price range on MLS today than there were the first week of the new year.

As a result, the percentage of SFH listings with a listing price higher than $700k continues to rise, while the percent of SFH listings with a price between $400k and $500k continues to fall.

A question - where could I find daily information on sales activity and new listings for Greater Victoria? I can appreciate the info that Rob Chipman provides daily on his blog, as well as the info on the Nanaimo Real Estate Blog, when it was functioning. Is daily sales info only available to Realtors? Is there a site or source that provides this info to the general public? Will I have to get my Realtor license to gain access to this privileged information?