Wednesday, February 7, 2007

And the winner is...

Taking price, amenities, location, and housing into consideration, where do you think is the best place to live in Victoria?

When I moved to Victoria a couple years ago, I had no preconceptions, misconceptions, or biases of any sort to any of the neighbourhoods in Victoria. After some time passes, you live in a few different hoods, you get to know the neighbourhoods where friends live, opinions start to form.

Putting aside prejudices, where is the best place to live in Victoria? Some random thoughts about our different neighbourhoods...

Gordon Head - Pros - Safe, close to Mt. Doug park, outer edge is close to the ocean. Cons - Way to many houses from the seventies and the eighties, too far from downtown, no urban centre.

Fairfield - Pros - close to water, downtown, and beacon hill park, nice village fell about it. Cons - Too expensive, boring square apartments.

Esquimalt - Pros - Less expensive than many other neighbourhoods, close to downtown and the water. Cons - Crime, grungy, dirty.

Oak Bay - Pros - Clean front yards, close to the water, Ottavio bakery, and you can feed the seals at the marina. Cons - speed limit is 30 kph, boring clean front yards, way too expensive!

Langford - Pros - Progressive city development (I like it!), a little more affordable, a couple lakes nearby. Cons - Colwood crawl traffic, it's Langford (with a southern drawl), big box stores (well, i don't mind them too much)

Glentana - Pros - ???, maybe, hmm, the fact that it's closer than Langford to the city? Cons - How quickly can we get out of here?

My top neighbourhood pick? I'd say, Fernwood. Close to downtown, prices are a little less, lots of amenities close by, and I really think that that neighbour is turning around and heading in the right direction. Cons - there are a lot of black cats, witches (due to the black cats), and shoes hanging over the power lines.

But really, if money wasn't an issue, I'd soonest live in Fairfield.

What do you think???